Product Detail

Monthly Zipp Grill Cleaner Kit

This kit contains 2 x Highly scientific formulated Zipp degreaser sachets which are non-caustic and environmentally friendly for the removal of stubborn oil/fat/degreaser deposits in all aspects of food handling and food and beverage applications. Zipp scientific degreaser does not give off objectionable odours when being applied. Zipp scientific degreaser is fast acting providing effective removal of backed-on carbon, grease and food from ovens, rotisseries, grids, burners, deep fryers, and other surfaces where carbonised oils, fats and grease exists. 

This kit also contains 2 x large Zipp seal bags, specifically designed to work with our scientific degreaser solution. The large Zipp bags has multiple other uses; you can use it for storage of blankets; winter/summer clothes during seasonal changes. Wet clothes/towels when coming back from the beach or even wetsuits after a surf. Organise that spare room cupboard that is always just to full - these bags are great and re-useable.

To clean your greasy braai grid; you will need 1 x scientific concentrated Zipp degreaser sachet for every 5lt of water. Put your COLD braai grid into your Zipp bag, empty the Zipp concentrate sachet and then add your water. Lukewarm water works best, leave overnight, and rinse the next day.

As for the Zipp degreaser concentrate - you can refill your degreaser triggers with them, add them to 5lt of water to mop your floors, clean the garage floor or any greasy areas around the house. Zipp scientific degreaser can also be used as a multi-purpose cleaner as it is effective in cleaning tiles, floors, and walls.

R460,00 / Month